In North America

LANDEV has carved out an important place for itself in the commercial real estate industry through its concept of partnership and support in project development. The objective of the approach is to stabilize all the constraints.

Our company offers customers supports and verification, before or after the acquisition of land, existing buildings such as commercial, industrial, hotel, multi-housing, shopping center a complete optimization study to validate the potential and identify the risks.

  • Evaluate the local and regional market offer for targeted vocations
  • Assess the economic potential of market segments through benchmarking
  • Verification of environmental constraints for wetlands and contamination Check the availability of services (land)
  • Evaluation of the authorizations required for the implementation of the project Prepare site plans for development scenarios
  • Assess regulatory compliance and plan the steps according to the orientations taken
  • Meeting for the presentation of the pre-authorization file to the client
  • Coordinate due diligence
  • Order market research for target markets Implement a development and marketing strategy
  • Work with 3D concept firms and designers
  • Obtain the required geotechnical and environmental reports
  • Reassess the location of the site with the constraints of the site in order to optimize the investment in construction
  • Perform final review of all study plans and reports
  • Lead and manage a large team of professional consultants to ensure effective project delivery
  • Adjust project budget with estimated costs and revenues
  • Issue guidelines to contractors for obtaining construction budgets
  • Establish a project schedule for the realization of tasks
  • Ensure that the projected expenditure is under constant review and any anticipated deviations are highlighted and controlled
  • Meeting for the presentation of the progress file and approval of the orientations
  • Carry out and finalize the steps to obtain the required authorizations and permits Issue engineering and architecture concepts to professionals
  • Prepare brochures and concretize the marketing strategy for the rental of the site
  • Hotel conversion into multi-dwelling :
  • Analyze the potential conversion into multi-dwelling
  • Analysis of the potential profitability into multi-dwelling
  • Analysis of the potential costs of transformation
  • Verification of funding costs and potential sources
  • Verification with the authorities (city/State)
  • Verification of building modifications necessary to comply with the multi-dwelling standard
  • Financial Projections
  • Hotel Designer research
  • Research manager boutique hotel
  • Research marketing team for hotel promotion